Software Development

We are a visionary IT company that creates software, tailored to individual needs of our Clients. We ensure the highest quality and transparency of the written code.

During the implementation process we can optimize the standard solutions with machine learning elements.

Why us?

Clean Code

We follow software craftsmanship best practices.

Well-documented Solutions

As a part of the project we prepare a documentation in a form desired by the Client.

Cutting Edge Technologies

We keep our tech radar updated to deliver the state of the art.

Scalable Systems

We leverage our knowledge about cloud service providers to design distributed systems dedicated to serve extensive traffic.

Our services

We provide comprehensive solutions for your company. From the design phase, throughout system development, system implementation and it’s maintenance!
Web & Mobile Applications

WorkITNow UX/UI Designers provides functional and user friendly solutions. We ensure efficient integration of your software with any other external systems.

Back-end Systems

Our developers always care about transparency and effectiveness of the implemented code, as well as, highest legibility of the documentation.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide safe and easily scalable solutions for business, based on the highest management and code development standards, including data protection standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Tensorflow framework and Python programming language allow us to create relevant applications based on the accurate machine learning models.

Regardless of the scale of the project, apart from the clean code, we are able to provide full configuration of infrastructure, based on the cloud solutions, such as, AWS or AZURE.

Agile Methodology

We carry out the projects using mainly Agile methodology. It means there is no need to define rigid requirements for the very beginning of the project. The lean approach allows the owner to bring in the changes at every stage of the software development process.

Technology stack

Cooperation framework

Introduction meeting

First meeting or phone conversation, where we discuss your idea, collect prerequisites which will allow us to estimate the cost and duration of the project.

Initial Offer

First meeting or phone conversation, where we discuss your idea, collect prerequisites which will allow us to estimate the cost and duration of the project.

UX/UI/Analytical Workshop

The few days workshop allows us to set specific business requirements. BPMN notation and UML language help us to create readable and understandable project documentation.

Agile Software Development

Each development team should consist of 3 Software Engineers, Scrum Master and at least one Business Analyst and one Tester. In addition, we designate a Product Owner, who is responsible for running the Backlog and for the end result.

Solution Maintenance

After the launch of your software, we also offer comprehensive support in maintenance and further development of your solution.

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