Bendura Bank

Optimise client’s business processes


From our Client, operating in the finance sector, we got a request to create a custom solution that will support a core business process. The intention was to improve and optimise daily consultants’ work with derivatives. A covered business process requires the information to be collected from multiple data sources. Before the system was created it was a manual process taking up to 50% of consultants’ daily effort.


The solution architecture was driven by the core non-functional requirements. We decided for modular monolith as a system architecture as the client’s decision was to have it installed on-premises and there wasn’t a requirement to scale. This allowed us to deliver faster, lower infrastructure costs but left the possibility of decomposing and evolving towards a distributed architecture. Apart from data collection, the system was designed to automate the specific calculation and validation tasks, that is why we went with hexagonal architecture as the application level design.


The main challenge in context of this project was to understand and analyse data scattered among different data sources. There wasn’t much documentation as well. Thanks to our BAs we rediscovered the meaning of the data and managed to create a data catalog. This increased client’s understanding about their data resources and allowed to design new system in the most optimal way.