Invest in Digital Poland - Report Analysis

April 11, 2022

Recently we have come across the report called “Invest in Digital Poland 2021”. The piece brings to attention topics such as eCommerce, EdTech, MedTech, FinTech, and many, many more in regard to Poland. Our country has been looking out for innovations brought by the modern services sector for some time now, and we have been noticing the helpfulness of technology in everyday areas. It is now the time to take all of the solutions into consideration. Because of our article, you can start to understand better how certain departments work. By gaining more knowledge about IT, people are able to implement newer, and better ideas.

  1. eCommerce

Poland (according to the eCommerceDB site) is the 20th largest market foreCommerce with a revenue of 15 billion US dollars in 2021 - placing it ahead ofSwitzerland and just behind Sweden. 
But what exactly is the eCommerce market? 
It is a business model! Allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods over the Internet - that we have on our laptops, smartphones, and nowadays even watches. 
In 2021 there has been noted an increase of 19% of the Polish eCommerce market contribution to the worldwide growth. Through the course of the next few years, the thriving will continue - by the emergence of new markets and the development of already existing ones. 
Relatively, Poland is still a bit behind. Compared to other European countries, we do not have enough of our online stores. At the moment, our biggest star among other sites is Media Expert, followed by and Zalando. These three stores score the entire 10% of online revenue inPoland.

We are expecting a market expansion over the course of the next few years.Predicted in Statista Digital Market Outlook, the annual growth rate for the next four years will be 7%. The online penetration is 50% - half of the poles bought at least one product online in 2021. 

EcommerceDB considers five categories - the largest segment in Poland is Fashion and accounts for 45% of the eCommerce revenue in Poland. The runner-up is the Electronics & Media segment (19%).

  1. EdTech

The analysis of the report “Invest in Digital Poland 2021” brought us crucial information concerning the Polish EdTech. Polish EdTech has been growing significantly for a few years now. The foundation of edTechPoland -“polish technologies that change education” has gotten us to watch out for the development happening before our eyes. Educational experts and Polish innovative companies have cooperated and created the establishment. Its prime focus is the promotion of the technological development of education. In this rapidly changing world, the education sector absorbs up new methods every day. To find out more about the edTechPoland Foundation,  

Invest in Digital Poland reports that over 3 million pupils were enrolled in almost 14.5 thousand primary schools for children and youth. Public schools represent as good as 90% of primary schools for children and youth. 

Supporting factors of the Polish EdTech are:

  • modernization of the economy
  • dynamic modernization of schools
  • Internet connection at schools
  • expected large investments in digitization in 2021-2023

Even though there is not a significant number of investments in EdTech start-ups, local companies are glowing because of angel investors and the support from the public sector. Foreign investors are keeping an eye on thePolish EdTech. 

The main characteristics of the Polish EdTech Industry are:

  • Relatively big domestic market 
  • Access to engineers with a wide technological stack for software and hardware solutions 
  • Competitive labour market
  • Numbers of local EdTech initiatives from NGOs
  • High adoption of Polish Edtech solutions abroad
  1. eHealth, MedTech

We have touched on the subject of MedTech in our blog post by explaining how artificial intelligence is able to improve healthcare.

In Invest in Digital Poland report, we came across the Top Disruptors in Healthcare2021 report. It extensively presents this sector in Poland. The authors (team of Young Healthcare Managers and the Polish Hospital Federation) sought startups members, who would be willing to fill the survey. The report includes questions about newer solutions in this sector and many more. 

55% of subjects taking part in the survey (63 startups) inform that telemedicine is one of their areas of activity. The follow-up is AI/machine learning (45%, 52 startups) and the third most popular area is medical devices with the medical data area (37%, 43 startups). Compared with the last year, there is an increase in projects related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.      


As much as 70% of startups (81) cooperate with hospitals.  This indicates that hospitals are happy to implement newer solutions and work with young high-tech companies. A small number of startups work with regulators.       

Invest in Digital Poland presents examples of interesting Polish startups.Among them, we can see companies such as: 

  • AILIS Breast Cancer Prediction Technology - used for early detection of women’s breast cancer lesions. The system monitors breast health and is able to bring attention to any abnormalities. 
  • Infermedica - checker symptom enables patients to take part in a preliminary medical interview. AI can suggest the most appropriate response. 
  • medICE - a communicator among healthcare sector participants that by the quick work provides competent consultations for patients.


We feel thatPoland is finally gaining the attention it deserves – and by Poland, we mean an enormous number of marvelous, educated people who are focused on improving aspects of our lives. The world is changing every second, every invention, every unconventional view. We are here to notice, observe, and spread our concepts.

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