Is the Artificial Intelligence the Highlight of 2022?

January 14, 2023


2023 has been with us for the entire two weeks, so we are providing you with a small summary concerning 2022 events. We have mixed and matched some of the articles from MedTech Dive, JustJoinIT, and our own. 2022 has been a year filled with emotions, new adaptations, and even a bit of anxiety about our future. We are thrilled because of the amount of new technology coming into our everyday life and the people coming into the ITIndustry. With the knowledge, skills, and constant wave of ideas, we are able to tell that this year will be even better. Enjoy our choices for this post and let us know – what do you think will be the highlight of 2023?

1. Smart implants

Even if we treat our bodies how we would like to be treated by other people (nicely, calmly, with a little bit of romance) we are still not prone to everyday accidents. In 2023, companies are able to focus on a future for smart implants.

Wearables, such as Mi Fit or AppleWatch, can send information about our overall health. Because of sensors like that, doctors can analyze the data and get help with the diagnosis. Implant scan do it too! New knee replacement incorporates sensors and processors and gets data about the functionality of the joint. The biggest advantage of this solution is a significant help in monitoring patients and their health.

MedTech companies are focusing on how to make this data useful for doctors because of its user-unfriendliness.

2. Digital therapeutics

2020: FDA clears Akili interactive video game that is all about improving ADHD kids’ attention span. The market is developing.

FDA clearance is the first step of this hustle-and-bustle process. Some of the problems include distinguishing digital therapeutics from… literal thousands of hundreds of other software products.

Be honest with us. You have certainly downloaded one or two of those. Wellness apps. Health apps. How would you know which ones work and which ones are just… there? A top area of investment with these types of apps is behavioral health. Just go to AppStore!It is EVERYWHERE all at once.

3. AI-Based tools

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are working hard to change the future world. Tools such as DALL-E or MIDJOURNEY hit the market… hard. These ones create computer graphics, but we also have to give it to ones that generate texts – OpenAI chatGPT. They have gone viral these last months, and we have to admit. They are good.

McKinsey announces in their survey that over50% of companies use AI. AI will probably come on strong and become the most transformative thing in the world. Generating human-like interaction was never easier, and sales assistants in the form of chatbots are everywhere.

4. Robocalls bots


Bots are not a new technology, regardless, we have seen an enormous boom in 2022. At this moment, calling a hotline or just a store becomes a never-ending nightmare of trying to make a bot connect us with an actual consultant. Bot consultants do bring a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. However, it’s significant for businesses to be aware that they do not work every time in every environment. Sometimes people actually need to talk to the real person. Bots are not able to know everything and have an answer to every question at the moment, so awareness of that can help in planning how to improve them.

5. Cloud computing

As companies are moving away from traditional servers, cloud solutions are at their peak. Poland is on the run when it comes to the adoption and awareness of cloud capabilities. One of the most highly regarded and cost-effective options is Amazon Web Services which opened its local zone in Warsaw. Cloud computing will stay one of the most important skills in 2023. We have talked about it here.

6. Globalization of the IT market

Remember Covid-19? 🤣 Because of the pandemic, people have switched to remote work (we have been like that since the very founding of WORKITNOW and we loooove it). Remote work equals being able to work from any place in the world. Want to visit your mom in the countryside? Of course! Just take your laptop with you, have astable Internet connection, and you can enjoy the warmth of mum’s dinner. Globalization of the market is an opportunity to work for companies all around the world.Businesses are not limited to hiring people from the local area.

What do you think was the highlight of 2022? Share your insights and to the next one!

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