Are You Waterfalling Your Agile? Signs You Don't Do It Right

May 11, 2023

Welcome to our second blog post during the#MonthofAgile! Recently we talked about the basics of Agile in very simple terms. We created a step-by-step guide to building a treehouse while usingAgile methodology and on our Instagram, we introduced the Agile principles.

So, right now you know what Agile is, what are the most significant principles of it, and how to start. But what to not do?How do you know if you are pretty bad at Agile and stick to your methodology?How to notice if you are waterfalling your Agile?  

Dance Party with Agile

Friday night. You and your friends decided togo partying. You put on your party dress and hit the town. Now, let’s do it in Agile.You see, the Agile technique is like a dance party. It emphasized adaptability, teamwork, and ongoing repetition. Some individuals drink a little bit too much or lose their shoe midst dancing, and this can result in errors and misunderstandings. Here are five indications that your agile moves may be off, along with advice on how to prevent common blunders:

 1. You are the DJ that just plays the same songs over and over, and you do not take requests = Focusing too much on detailed planning

Obviously, the AgileMethodology places a high focus on adaptability and changing requirements. To be Agile, you construct a high-level strategy and then break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. These tasks can be finished in brief iterations, you forget about creating a thorough plan.

Do you take too long to make plans? Forget to loosen up a little? Create a flexible music playlist (or even three), and listen to the requests; they may be opportunities to get the party started.

2. You are the introvert who never joins the dance floor or ignores your dance partner's hints = Ignoring stakeholder feedback

Stakeholder input is crucial for the AgileMethodology to succeed. Agile teams often work closely with them to ensure they are happy and their moves are in sync with yours. Not actively seeking stakeholder feedback or ignoring it (bold of you) is so pre-pandemic. You should learn to appreciate the value of collaboration and iteration! Include them in making it through the party, and ask them if they want more water or some vegan cheese.

3. You are the dancer who cannot tell the salsa from the cha-cha = Ignoring the functions and duties of team members (or just failing to understand)

The use of across-functional, more collaborative team structure is encouraged by agile methodology. Agile teams collaborate to complete tasks and share ownership of the product, as opposed to having team members operate in silos.

Try to be more aware of how agile can enhance team communication and effectiveness. You should make sure that each dancer is aware of their specific duties and encourage teamwork to produce a smooth dance routine (almost like in High School Musical)

4. You always perform the same dance moves, even when they just simply do not work = Not making continuous improvement a priority

How to keep the dancing party interesting?Regularly evaluate your moves and make adjustments in response to people looking at you weirdly (criticism).

Continual improvement is a key component of the agile methodology. It is expected of teams to frequently evaluate their efforts and pinpoint opportunities for development to improve the final product. Forget to do it? Reluctant to make changes based on input? Well, bad news, you probably do not want to work in Agile.

5. You are the dancer who prioritizes appearance over enjoyment = Focusing too much on deliverables

You cannot just check off tasks; you have to concentrate on providing high-quality products that satisfy stakeholders. Forget about merely finishing tasks, place more emphasis on making the dance party pleasurable and fun for everyone. Your moves cannot be the priority of everyone.

Think about providing value to stakeholders and give top priority to tasks that will have a big impact on the finished product.


Feeling like having a party? Remember that you may increase the efficiency of your team by avoiding these frequent mistakes.Success in software development requires an understanding of the agile approach.We hope you expanded some of your knowledge, and now feel more grounded in pursuing Agile. Let’s get this party started!

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