2023 – the year of the AI

March 1, 2023

Hi! We have compiled some of the information and developments in the AI field. There is plenty to catch up on, from photo apps to AI companions and job interviews. We hope you unwind a little so sit back and enjoy some AI news! 

1. AI Photo App trend is already over? Do you even remember it?

Logging onto Instagram, ready to get lost in the reels section just to be bombarded with AI selfies of your friends.. we have all been there and done that. For a while AI photo apps were a big trend, but the demand has… dwindled. Apps like Lensa AI,VOI, Remini, PixelUp, Fotor, Wonder, FacePlay, Aiby, and FaceApp peaked around mid-December but have since seen a significant drop in users. Fans were enthralled with Lensa AI’s magic avatars, which processed selfie photos using the Open Source Stable Diffusion model, but (regrettably?) issues soon surfaced. It turns out that this kind of technology can be made to create in appropriate photos and is even able to use the work of artists without their permission just because it was a part of the training data. (there was even a lawsuit because of that.) People’s ethical worries disturbed them, and they soon started to comment on AI photographs to spread the word that AI robs artists

The days of the PhotoApps were unfortunately counted. Why? Because of the process during which the users created avatars only to abandon the apps shortly after. Overall, this “quick”hype demonstrates that people are interested in and eager to experiment with AI technology, but they also love the type of content that lets them express themselves in a variety of ways and connects them to others.

2. Replika App is… dead?

“Significant”adjustments have been made to The Replika App, an AI companion that gained a devoted following. The app no longer reacts to inappropriate advances that are for a variety of users one of the most noticeable changes. These users are outraged by this sudden shift, with some claiming to be in crisis(which is a bit extreme I would say.) Replika’s explicit conversations are now included in a $70 annual paid tier after the Italian Data Protection Authority warned that the app presents real risks to children. 

But why did users initially download Replika? The AI companion is a helpful resource for many people when it comes to supporting their mental health and giving them a place to express themselves. The conversations are private and judgment-free although that feeling of security has been destroyed, according to some by new updates to the app. 

Many people feel rejected by the Replika’s sudden “coldness." They are complaining that they are not receiving their money’s worth because the app no longer sends NSFW images and many are asking for refunds for their pro subscriptions. Conclusion?AI companions can be beneficial tools for promoting mental health, but they also can be susceptible to unexpected changes that leave users feeling letdown. 

3. ApprenticeBard passed a job interview!

AI is advancing in several sectors, including programming thanks to technological advancement. Ina recent breakthrough, Google created an AI system that was recruited as a level three engineer after passing a job interview. Even though this job is still deemed entry-level, its average pay is a startling $183k annually. 

But calm down; before you feel the anxiety spreading through your veins, remember that AI has no chance of replacing human programmers anytime soon. Why? Because programming is a process that involves creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to problem solve, it is more than just writing code. These are human-specific abilities that computers cannot imitate. 

On the bright side, we can see that developers are beginning to see the advantages of using AI as a tool to help them with their daily job. For instance, ChatGPT is a language model that can assist with programming tasks such as rewriting code and understanding errors. More programmers are incorporating AI into their process as an aid rather than a competitor. 

AI is your assistant, not your competition 

says Justgeek.it

Although AI has the potential to revolutionize the programming field, it is critical to keep in mind that it is a tool created to support, not replace, people. 

This concludes our list for today. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed and learned something from these updates. We will make sure to keep you informed when it comes to the most recent discoveries as AI continues to progress and change our world. Until then, thanks for reading!

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