Review and refactor an existing code to optimise the solution performance


We love greenfield projects, but when things go wrong in our client’s existing systems we are here to support it as well! In this case, our client operating in the logistics sector asked us for advice as their system wasn't performing and scaling as expected. This was a huge showstopper for their business. We did an audit and found the bottlenecks. Some code refactoring was required, a little bit of re-design and the client was back on the track! As a result, we were asked to extend the system and we still support it.


We started carefully with non-critical code first to test the approach. Meanwhile we organised an Event Storming session in the client’s HQ to help us understand the business. This also allowed us to prepare a new design model in order to decompose existing Monolith. Once we knew where the boundaries are for each module, the remaining part was a piece of cake.


As our Client is located in the US, full remote work was considered as a challenge, especially that there’s an 8h time difference. Tools such as Jira, Confluence or Slack and transparent communication have helped us to finish the project in time, with full satisfaction of our Client regarding the end result.